Ethics Violations Report

This online reporting form provides employees the opportunity to report violations of the following TUSD Board policies and other ethics violations:

  • DJ, DJ-R (Competitive Purchasing & Procurements)
  • GBEAA, GBEBC, GBEA, GBEB-R (Conflict of Interest and Vendor Relations)
  • Arizona Records Retention Manual (premature/unauthorized destruction of public records)
  • Any other potential ethics violations involving theft, embezzlement, illegal use of public funds or public property, violation of law and/or mismanagement, gross waste of public monies or an abuse of authority resulting in an employee whistleblowing report.

NOTE: To file reports for accounting, fraud, audit-related concerns, employees and community members should complete the online Audit Committee Complaint Form. (For anonymous complaints, see Policy BDFB.)

Anonymous Reports: While anonymous reports are accepted, we will only investigate credible reports of the above violations. Therefore, wherever possible, provide as much detail as possible. If you do choose to provide your name and contact information, be advised that the district's anti-retaliation policy, Policy GBP - Prohibited Personnel Practices, protects employees from retaliation for making good faith reports.

If we determine that your complaint can be addressed through TUSD's current channels of communication, the complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate Department.

If you have the following concerns that you are unable to address with your site supervisor, you can report directly as indicated below:

  • Allegations of harassment or discrimination-EEO Compliance Officer, 225-6444
  • Allegations of violations of Bargaining Unit Agreement-Employee Relations Office 225-6739
  • Individual complaints arising from disputes between employees and administration not covered by consensus or law should first be addressed through the procedures described in Board Policy GBDA Procedure of Resolution of Matters of Mutual Concern and Exhibit GBDA-E1, Administration-Staff Conflict Resolution Exhibit (in Word | In PDF).
  • Benefits and wage errors-Financial Services, 225-6130
  • Contract irregularities and hiring/promotion concerns-Human Resources, 225-6035
  • Theft or damage of personal property, or personal injury arising from alleged negligence-Risk Management Department, 225-6601
  • Workplace Injury-Risk Management Department, 225-6601
  • Allegations of 504 violations-504 Coordinator, 225-6268
  • Allegations of violations of the IDEA-Exceptional Education Department.
  • Individual complaints arising from disputes between parents/students and school staff: School Principal or Assistant Superintendent

When Filing Your Report:

Describe the alleged violation in as much detail as possible. Wherever possible, include the following information:

  • PO numbers
  • Requisition numbers
  • Date of alleged violations
  • Names of individuals you believe to be involved and why you believe these individuals are involved
  • Names of departments, schools, vendors you believe to be involved and why you believe they are involved
  • Include the reason you believe this to be a violation.
Report Your Concern
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Reason you believe there is a violation:

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