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Image for 'You Can Do Both'Tax Credits Create Jobs

You may be surprised to learn that often when you make a tax credit contribution to a Tucson school, you create a job right here in Tucson – and we need all the jobs we can get.

Here are some examples of actual jobs that tax credit dollars create:

  • Physical education teachers in elementary schools
  • Music teachers
  • Art teachers
  • OMA artists
  • Middle school coaches for basketball, soccer, volleyball and track and field
  • Middle school referees and umpires for 8 sports (four sports for boys, four for girls)
  • Tutors for elementary and middle schools
  • Bus and van drivers for transporting students to games and other events
  • High school coaches for a wide range of sports
  • Make your contributionHigh school referees for a wide range of sports
  • Cheer leading coaches
  • Dance directors
  • Other coaches, instructors and leaders for a wide range of extracurricular activities

So keep some of your Arizona state tax dollars right here in Tucson and help us use them to create jobs here. Make your contribution today.