See it. Hear it. Report it. Be Bold. Speak up. End Bullying now. School Safety Tip Line

TUSD School Safety
(520) 584-7676
Safety Message Line: (520) 584-7680

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See it. Hear it. Report it. Be Bold. Speak up. End Bullying now. School Safety Tip Line

Bullying Prevention and School Safety Tip Line

Note: For an immediate concern, call School Safety at 584-7676, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you'd like to leave a message, please call the message line, 584-7680.

The Governing Board of the Tucson Unified School District believes it is the right of every student to be educated in a positive, safe, caring, and respectful learning environment. The Governing Board further believes a school environment that is inclusive of these traits maximizes student achievement, fosters student personal growth, and helps a student build a sense of community that promotes positive participation as citizens in society.

Community members, neighbors, students and district employees are encouraged to use this online form to provide information to the Department of School Safety on any of the following concerns: 

  • assaults
  • bullying
  • drugs
  • employee misconduct
  • fights
  • gang activity
  • grafitti
  • suspicious persons
  • thefts
  • threat of violence
  • truancy
  • vandalism
  • weapons on campus
  • any other crime

Reports will be received by School Safety, elementary and secondary leadership, principals, and, when needed, the district's ombudsperson.

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