Early Childhood Exceptional Education

Project ABLE

Program Description
Our classes are located within many elementary schools throughout the district. The classes are developmental and provide structure, routine, and consistency. The student's goals and objectives are integrated into the daily routine and group activities. Children attend ABLE classes in either an A.M. or P.M. session Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Teachers schedule IEP meetings and attend staff in-services and training on Wednesdays.

Transportation is available as a related, specialized service.

Project ABLE Curriculum
The curriculum includes the building of teacher-directed activities in large and small groups, as well as child-directed choices.

  1. Communication development shall include the following elements:
    1. Receptive communication skills.
    2. Expressive communication skills.
  2. Cognitive and pre-academic development:
    1. Identification skills.
    2. Skills relating to comparisons and contrasts.
    3. Classifying skills.
    4. Sequencing and ordering skills.
    5. Cause/effect relationships.
    6. Fine arts skills.
  3. Motor development shall include the following elements:
    1. Oral-motor structures.
    2. Fitness and motor skills.
    3. Sensory motor skills.
  4. Socialization and self-help development shall include the following elements:
    1. Social/emotional skills.
    2. Self-help and hygiene.
    3. Personal health and safety.
    4. Awareness of cultures and community.
    5. Interacting and cooperating with adults.